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  • Sacred Mountain Trek

    Anyone who enjoys hiking should find this journey enjoyable and be able to accomplish it with ease and comfort...

    9 nights / 10 days
    US$ 2,275 Per Person
    Country: Nepal

  • Royal Nepal Spectacular

    The most comprehensive programs offered in Nepal

    13 nights / 14 days
    US$ 3,485 Per Person
    Country: Nepal


trekking itinerary

Trekking Itineraries

The main reason why most people come to Nepal: Trekking in the Himalayas. The minimum amount of time is spent traveling between each destination, enabling one to make the most of their time in Nepal. The Sacred Mountain Trek features the Gokarna Forest Resort, the Shangri-La Village Resort and Ker & Downey Lodges.

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comfort lodge

Comfort Lodges

Trekking in Nepal has always been associated with sleeping in small tents on hard beds or mats, washing in cold water, sharing communal toilets and living fairly basically. Ker and Downey is unique in Nepal as it offers the only program which allows guests to experience the magnificent scenery in style and comfort whilst staying in en suite rooms.

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Ker & Downey Nepal

Comfort Lodge Trekking

Ker & Downey offers the finest, most complete adventure program in Nepal. Our programs enable you to experience all aspects of this wonderful exciting country.

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Twenty years later, no such dark worries troubled me. In fact, I was dreaming of a carefree game of duck-duck-goose when I awoke at the lodge to the happy clink of the coffee tray outside my door. I looked out my window at the Himalayan range glowing in pink hues.

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Ker & Downey Nepal

P.O. Box:20764 Bhattachan Complex

2nd Floor, Thirbam Street, Bhatbhateni

Kathmandu -03, Nepal

Telephone: +977 1 4435686 / 4435645

Fax: 977-1-437-7302


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