Guest Experience

Ker & Downey offers the finest, most complete adventure program in Nepal. Our programs enable you to experience all aspects of this wonderful exciting country.

Located in the Annapurna Mountains, we offer trails using purpose built lodges constructed and managed by an American company with 20 years experience in both Africa and Nepal. All lodges are a days walk apart and allow guests to experience in comfort some of the most spectacular mountain vistas in the world.

Trekking in Nepal has always been associated with sleeping in small tents on hard beds or mats, washing in cold water, sharing communal toilets and living fairly basically. Ker and Downey is unique in Nepal as it offers the only program which allows guests to experience the magnificent scenery in style and comfort whilst staying in ensuite rooms with comfortable beds with sheets, blankets, down pillows and hot water bottles.

The Gurkhas of Nepal

Born and raised in the shadows of the Himilayas, the legendary Gurkha Regiments have historically been the pride of Nepal. Known as some of the finest soldiers in the world, the hardy Gurkhas carry forward a 200-year tradition of service, loyalty and excellence.

We based our entire Nepal operation on the strict principles and traditions of the Gurkhas. As these attributes are wholly compatible with ours, it is only natural that we have made the Gurkhas a central part of our team. They are eager to share their profound understanding of the areas through which we walk. As a result, many of our routes are off the tourist trails.

Together with our locally recruited Sherpa porters and lodge staff, our guests are assured a level of service and care essential to a safe, yet exciting adventure. We are proud of our intimate understanding of Nepalese culture and tradition and take pleasure in showing guests the true charm and courtesy for which the Nepalese are known.

Susie Greenwood
- United Kingdom